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Kunshan ZYZS Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise supported by the Kunshan municipal government.

Kunshan ZYZS Electronic Technology CO., LTD

Kunshan ZYZS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Jan. 2013 and is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.We are devoted to automotive?electronics development and application of new technology, mainly for building a integrated service platform to include applications of electronic control unit, AutoPC, broadband access, remote management and cloud technology, to meet various demands of different customers (e.g. passenger/operater/driver).
There are three main product lines:
1.VIP Series: Intelligent and Integrated Control System
It is mainly for refitted MPV, RV and special vehicle.
2.WMOD Series: Wireless Media on Demand System
It is mainly for bus, RV, train, yacht, airplane, etc.
3.The Vehicle Control Platform
It is mainly for passenger car, new energy vehicle and truck.