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  Software Engineer

Salary: Negotiable/College or above / 1 year or above / 3 vacancies

Role overview
Location:Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu

Full time


Role Responsibilities
1. Participate in the development and maintenance of vehicle multimedia and intelligent control products.
2. Participate in Android, IOS clients’ project application software development
3., Maintain and improve the company's existing products according to the customer needs

Role Qualifications
1.Bachelor or higher major in computing or related
2. Familiar with more than tow program languages /C++/Java/C# for customized programming
3. Interested in application software development, and familiar with UI design
4. Familiar with serial port, CAN bus and Socket network communication protocol is a plus
5. Experience in Android, IOS or WEB application development is a plus

Other Requirements
1. Good working attitude, rigorous and practical work, team-work spirit, and a sense of responsibility
2. Interested in new technology, also good at learning

Employee commercial insurance